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If you should find yourself detained and accused of an alleged crime, the best you can do is ask for help from a professional bail bondsman so you can go home. If in any case you are strapped for cash and you cannot expect any financial support from your family or friends, you can trust a bail bond agent to help you out.

When you get detained, all you get is a single phone call so use it to call a trusted family or friend who can in turn find you a recommendable bail bond agent. Bail bond agents only need to know your name, booking number, city, state, and name of the jail you are detained in. Bail agents can get the amount of bail amount needed from the jail if you cannot provide this information. Your bondsman will be the person in charge of handling everything so you do not have to spend time in jail while waiting for your trial.

The main reason on why bail bonds are enforced

Think of a bonding company as your sure shot at freedom—temporary or not—and your bail bond agent as your friend. Contrary to popular belief, bonds are not imposed to pressure an alleged offender nor are they an abuse of power.

Also known as surety bonds, a bond is executed to ensure that the accused will appear in court for his scheduled criminal proceedings. All paid bonds are returned as soon as the accused shows up in court and is found to be not guilty. Failure to show up in court will forfeit the bail and get the defendant arrested. In cases where the accused gets a guilty verdict, the bond will cover the fines and penalties as decided by the judge.

The two types of bail bonds are civil and criminal, respectively. Whether you are paying for criminal or civil bonds, both types use the same conditions in deciding if you are qualified for forfeiture or a refund. In any case, bonds are just an assurance that you will show up in court and that you are able to comply with fines and penalties based on the outcome of the trial.

The importance of having a bail bondsman

Also known as a bounty hunter, a bail bondsman is your easiest way to get funding to be released from detention before your scheduled trial. The rates may vary based on the state’s statues and regulations where the offense was committed. Some premiums range from 8% up to 10%. The liability is higher on the part of bail bond companies as they deal with clients who do not wish to comply with regulations and fail to show up in court. Simply loaning money from a lending company is not advisable as professional bondsmen are more knowledgeable with your financing requirements. Bail bond companies are also required to follow state imposed fees or they will lose their license; this serves as your assurance that you are not being overcharged for their services.

Another advantage of hiring a professional bondsman is the guarantee that they know the judicial process better than anyone else. You need not worry about contacting various people to seek advice. The bail bonding company will be in charge of everything and all you need to give them is your consent. Make sure your loved one or representative hires a trustworthy agent so you can simply await your release from jail.

After being temporarily released, you will be required to show up in court for the proceedings. Enjoying a temporary freedom puts you to an advantage as you can ask for guidance from knowledgeable people on how you should present yourself and your case in court. You will have time and access to respectable civilian clothes, which can affect your overall demeanor as you defend yourself. Appearing in court hearings while wearing a jail jumpsuit when you are trying to prove that you are innocent is definitely not very helpful. Looking more presentable will give you confidence and improve the impression that you will make in court.

How the bail bonds process works

In unfortunate situations where you are detained and accused of a crime, prioritize your rights and ask for a lawyer and a bondsman instead of making any statement. Use the one phone call you are allowed to make to contact a reliable family or friend who you can ask to search for a qualified bondsman for you.

As your bail agent contacts you, he will require some basic information from you and get to work. The bond company will then offer to pay your bail bond for you plus some reasonable fees. The procedure can take hours to a day at most but it is definitely your quickest way out. As soon as your bail is authorized, you can once again enjoy your freedom as you are released from jail.

Types of bonds

There are many different types of bonds, and depending on your situation you will need one of the following bonds:

What your bail bondsman will require from you

Your bail agent will need to gather the following details either from you or your representative:

  • The defendant’s complete name
  • The state, city and name of the jail where the defendant is being held
  • The booking number issued by the police
  • Details of the charges filed
  • Any other related information

Collateral that is accepted by bonding companies

Bail bonds are a form of loan from professionals who have mastered the judiciary process. Like any other loan, you need to provide some assurance to the lending company that you will be able to pay your bills. Providing collateral is one way of guaranteeing that you will return the money that you have borrowed. Bond companies accept collaterals in the form of various assets such as the following:

  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Bank accounts
  • Jewelry
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Credit cards
  • Personal credit

The amount you have to pay back should not deter you from hiring a bondsman as these fees are regulated by law. State regulations ensure that you are not underpaying nor overpaying for your bail bond. Bond companies operate in good faith and offer reasonable payment terms, which should make paying easier for you. Bail bondsmen allow defendants to focus on their case and be in a more comfortable environment other than being in jail as they await trial.

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