Immigration Bail Bonds

If a person is arrested and imprisoned for immigration purposes, they must get an immigration bond if they want to be released while awaiting their court hearing. It should be known that not everyone will be allowed to post bail. If they are viewed as a national security threat or a threat to society, they may not be allowed out on bail at all.

There are two different types of immigration bonds: the delivery bond and the voluntary departure bond.

An illegal alien is only eligible for the delivery bond if the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency or the immigration judge working their case determines them to be so. This type of bond enables the individual to return to friends or family while waiting for their court hearing and gives them the opportunity to meet with an immigration lawyer.

The cost of delivery bond will be determined based on the individual’s criminal record and flight risk, among other things. It can vary, typically being no less than $1,500 and potentially as expensive as $10,000.

A voluntary departure bond is where the individual can pay to be released on the promise that they will voluntarily leave the country by a certain date. The money they pay will be refunded to them once they have left the country. The minimum cost of a voluntary departure bond is typically $500.

For either type of bond, the individual or their family/friends can pay full cash price to the ICE, or they can get a surety bond through an immigration bail bonds agency, which will typically charge them a non-refundable fee of 15-20% of the bond price.