Non-Arrest Bail Bonds

Non-arrest bail bonds may sound slightly oxymoronic. However, they describe a real bond for a real situation. Namely, for those who have a warrant out for their arrest but who are not yet incarcerated.

This situation is not only relevant to fugitives of heinous crimes. A warrant could be put out for your arrest for simply forgetting to appear in court for a traffic violation. Once you neglect to show up for your court appointment, a warrant is put out for your arrest and you are considered a fugitive.

If this happens to you or a loved one, you can use a bondsman to get a non-arrest bail bond which will remove the warrant for your arrest and get a new court date set for you. This will enable you to avoid being booked and having to spend even a few hours in jail.

Whether due to a missed court date related to a traffic violation or due to some other reason leading to a warrant, pursuing a non-arrest bail bond can help relieve the serious stress of the possibility of being arrested in going to jail. Most would rather avoid even a brief stay in prison, making a non-arrest bail bond a viable and desirable option for many once they discover they have a warrant out for their arrest.

Individuals should be aware of a couple of things, however. First, even when you get a bail bond service to produce the non-arrest bond for you, you will have to take it to the sheriff’s office yourself and still go through a minimal booking process called a “walk-through.” You will not have to spend time in jail, but you are still required to show up in person for booking.

Also, not all warrants allow a bond. Some will require a surety/cash bond or will allow no bonds at all.