Major Mistakes People Make With Bail Bond Services

Listen carefully, because if you don’t, you may end up back in jail. Bail bonds are immensely in your favor, they are almost like receiving a get out of jail free card! However, if you are not careful while out of bail you can easily end up back in jail, or create a larger mess. Read further to know some major mistakes people make with bail bond services.

Providing the wrong address

This is mainly for the family member or friend doing the bailing; providing the wrong address can entirely jeopardize the bail bond and make the defendant look worse than they already do. The bail bond agency has every right to revoke your bail if they feel you can’t be trusted! It is imperative to provide the full and correct address of the defendant for the bail bond agency. So before you make that call, make sure you have all the right information because you will be asked a series of questions about the defendant.

Traveling while on bail

The most important thing you need to avoid while being on bail is traveling! Although you are allowed to travel while out on bail, you still have to notify your agency first or else it can cause problems. In fact, traveling may cause you to miss a Court date, which will wound you back in jail. Or you can completely miss being notified of your court dates if you left the state and your agency doesn’t know how to reach you. Be smart with your decisions while out on bail.

Getting arrested again

This really needs no explanation, you should already know to avoid getting re-arrested while out on bail. Don’t be dumb. So do yourself and your friends and family a favor, stay out of trouble or seek any help you may need!

Mistreating your bail bond co-signer and payer

Poorly treating your family or friend who bailed you out is a very bad idea. You do not want to mess with the one who holds the power to your situation. The co-signer and the one who paid for your bond can easily remove their name and simply not pay the bail. In this case, you will be put back into custody. Secondly, why would you mistreat the person who got you out of jail? Don’t take advantage of the help, because that will be your largest disadvantage.